Space Weather Equipment
Space Weather Equipment


Miniaturised Space Weather Monitor for CubeSat/SmallSat Missions


  • Measurement of space weather related space radiation data products as defined by the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Measurement of long-term cosmic ray flux profiles
  • Measuring magnetic field strength in 3 directions (optional)
  • Operation of external boom system (optional)
  • Radiation Hardness Assurance
  • Cost and time effective monitoring solution for CubeSat/SmallSat constellations
  • Real-time space weather alarm function
  • Real-time TID alerts for the platform operators

Special features

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Space weather instrument fitting into the CubeSat standard (~1U)
  • Configurable system
    • 1 or 2 orthogonal telescope directions
    • Optional Total Ionising Dose sensors
    • Optional low resource magnetometer (procured from ICL)
    • Optional built-in boom system operation capability (procured from Astronika)
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