Space Weather Equipment
Space Weather Equipment


Advanced Cosmic Radiation and Dosimetric Measurement System for Stratospheric Balloon and Aeroplane Research


  • Proven cosmic ray and space weather research equipment for stratospheric missions (aeroplanes, ballons)
  • Measurement of cosmic ray flux profiles
  • Studying shielding effects of the surrounding environment
  • Cosmic ray event alerts
  • Studying the effects of space weather in the stratosphere

Special features

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • TRITEL silicon detector-based technology with GM-counter extension
  • Measurement systems with sensitivity 2D or 3D
  • Configurable system
    • Different type of GM-counters
    • Up to a maximum number of 2 GM-counters

Flight heritage

  • Operation on the BEXUS-12 stratospheric balloon without GM counters in 2011 (CoCoRAD experiment, 26 km maximum altitude, N68°)
  • Operation on the BEXUS-14 stratospheric balloon with 2 GM counters in 2012 (TECHDOSE experiment, 28 km maximum altitude, N68°)


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