Space Dosimetry Equipment
Space Dosimetry Equipment


3-Dimensional Space Dosimetry Telescope


  • Space dosimetry monitoring for manned space missions
  • Space radiation research
  • Studying radiation shielding effects
  • Measurement of absorbed dose, LET-spectrum, average quality factor, dose equivalent in space
  • Measurement of long-term radiation flux profiles
  • Obtaining space weather related real-time data set

Special features

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Configurable system
  • External Detector Units (DU can be used standalone in satellite missions)
  • Central Handling Unit for astronauts
    • with graphical display showing real-time measurement data
    • controlling up to max. 3 DUs


  • operation on ISS Columbus (2012-13)
  • operation on ISS Zvezda (2013, 2017- )
  • operation in the BEXUS CoCoRAD (2011) stratospheric balloon experiment
  • operation in the BEXUS TECHDOSE (2012) stratospheric balloon experiment
  • waiting for operation on the ESEO SmallSat


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