Vibration Tests
Space Equipment Testing
Space Equipment Testing

Vibration Tests

Vibration Test Facility for ECSS-conform space equipment testing and analysis


  • Vibration ECSS-conform tests including
    • Resonance Search
    • Sine Vibration test
    • Random Vibration test
    • Shock / SRS Shock test
  • Vibration testing and analysis using StrobeCAM System including
    • Contactless Vibration Testing

Key features

  • The following test systems are available
    • IMV i250/SA5M 40kN vibration test system
    • LIMESS StrobeCAM v4 vibration testing and analysis system
  • StrobeCAM contactless vibration testing and analysis
    • Vibration testing and analysis without accelerometers
    • Visualisation, recording and documentation of object motion
    • Measurement of resonance curve (frequency response)
    • Measurement of displacement, velocity and acceleration
    • Contactless component testing
  • Configurable test systems according to the user’s needs
    • Controlled via graphical user interface
    • Programmed test operation and remote access
    • Data collection and analysis via dedicated software (K2 Software, LimTrack)
  • High level of safety assurance
    • The Facility is located at a closed, guarded site with limited number of access
    • Every area is video controlled
    • Any access to the Facility area is logged
  • Facility environmental parameters are logged (temperature, humidity)
  • ECSS-conform space testing engineering support is available upon request
  • Mechanical workshop is available upon request


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