The Era of the
Space Generation

From the dawn of human civilisation, regardless of ideology, location or time, mankind has always looked to the sky for guidance and had an undisputable universal goal: reaching the stars. Today we are witnessing something unparallel in our history, something our ancestors and the great scientists of the past could only dream about. That is being in the last seconds before the start of human space expansion and the beginning of a new age: the era of the space generation.

At REMRED Ltd. we are both scientists and space engineers but most importantly we are believers. We know that innovation and excellence in space equipment production and services ensure the success of our common global goal.

Every day we work hard to form the foundations of the coming space age of humanity and contribute to the discovery and conquest of the Moon, Mars, the Solar System and eventually the far far away…

From Hungary
to the Stars

REMRED Ltd. is a spin-off founded by one of the pioneer Hungarian space research groups that has 50 years of relevant experience to support future space-science activities in Hungary and across the globe. We were there when dosimetric measuring became standard. We helped Bertalan Farkas, the first Hungarian astronaut to reach the frontier of our planet; and we will be there when humans explore Mars and the perimeter of the Solar System.

Our Roles &

We believe that technology is the key to success. We design, test, and manufacture high value-added space products. We also provide essential services for space travel and related manufacturing and testing tasks. And, we develop unique technologies to contribute to the development of the domestic and international space sector.
We dream of a world where space travel is part of everyday life and mankind has all the tools to discover the universe. Additionally, our heritage enables us to support industries and companies outside of the space sector to make the world a better place for those staying on Earth.

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