REMRED Ltd. product portfolio covers dedicated space instrumentation with 50 years of flight and space heritage in the field of space dosimetry, space weather and cosmic ray monitoring including ground control and database software. Space magnetometer related technologies are also under development within our company. Besides, electrical design solutions are available in the fields of Power Supply and Digital Processing for space and related industry applications.
space weather equipment


Weather evaluation is extremely important for both inner and outer-Earth applications and space travel planning. REMRED Ltd. offers a variety of space market products in the field of space weather for several platforms to improve data quality and measuring.
electrical design


The top tier manufacturing capabilities gained in the space sector over the past 50 years can be adapted to similar industries such as manufacturing or flight sectors. Our electrical designs are available in the fields of power supply and digital processing to support various development projects.
remred it
software remred


Data processing based on vast data available poses serious challenges for most research and manufacturing projects. At REMRED Ltd., software solutions are available for onboard and ground control data processing purposes, including sophisticated visualization for the space industry and applications in related sectors.

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