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Weather evaluation is becoming extremely important for both inner and outer-Earth applications and space travel planning. REMRED Ltd. offers a variety of space market products in the field of space weather for several platforms (space probes, satellites, sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons) to improve data quality and measuring.
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3-Dimensional Space Dosimetry Telescope

RADLite was designed and manufactured in Hungary to measure of space weather-related space radiation data products as defined by the European Space Agency (ESA). This Hungarian domestic product development forms the world’s first complete and comprehensive image of the radiation environment surrounding the Earth.

The CROSS network (Cosmic Radiation Observatory Satellite System) designed by Hungarian researchers allows the participants of national and international space activities to ensure the safety of instruments and personnel sent into space more efficiently. It also allows academic researchers a more thorough examination of the Earth’s radiation environment and its behaviour. This unmatched national development proves that Hungarian innovation is amongst the world’s leaders even in the field of space activities.

The cornerstone of the new measuring technology is the RADCUBE mission in which RADlite plays a major part.

Speacial Features

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Space weather instrument fitting into the CubeSat standard (~1U)
  • Configurable system
  • 1 or 2 orthogonal telescope directions
  • Optional Total Ionising Dose sensors
  • Optional low resource magnetometer (procured from ICL)
  • Optional built-in boom system operation capability (procured from Astronika)


  • Measurement of space weather-related space radiation data products

  • Measurement of long-term cosmic ray flux profiles
  • Measuring magnetic field strength in 3 directions (optional)
  • Operation of external boom system (optional)
  • Radiation Hardness Assurance
  • Cost and time effective monitoring solution for CubeSat/SmallSat constellations
  • Real-time space weather alarm function
  • Real-time TID alerts for the platform operators


  • Launched as part of RADCUBE project Q1 2020

Geiger-Müller Counter System for Sounding Rocket Research

The Space-GM project was an experiment designed by REMRED Ltd. that aimed to design and develop a GM counter system for sounding rockets and to quantify the cosmic radiation up to the maximum altitude of the REXUS rocket. Our team measured the direction dependence of the cosmic radiation and the altitude dependence of the count rates. Thus enabling an estimate of the dose rate altitude dependence based on the GM calibrations. Apart from future space industry applications, the technology can benefit Nuclear Environment Monitoring efforts too, identifying contaminated areas, localising radiation sources, protecting humans from radiation and operating onboard drones for radiation mapping.


Operation on the REXUS-17 sounding rocket with 6 GM counters in 2015 during a strong geomagnetic storm (REM-RED experiment, 88 km maximum altitude (N68°)


  • Cosmic ray measurements in harsh environments in stratospheric balloon flights and onboard sounding rocket missions

  • Measurement of cosmic-ray altitude flux profiles
  • Sensitivity in two orthogonal directions
  • Cosmic ray event alerts
  • Studying the effects of space weather in the stratosphere

Special Features

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • TRITEL silicon detector-based technology with GM-counter extension
  • Measurement systems with sensitivity 2D or 3D
  • Configurable system
  • Different type of GM-counters
  • Up to a maximum number of 2 GM-counters

Advanced Cosmic Radiation and Dosimetric Measurement System for Stratospheric Balloon and Aeroplane Research

Due to significant spatial and temporal changes in the cosmic radiation field, radiation measurements with advanced dosimetric instruments onboard spacecraft, aircraft and balloons are very important.

The primary scientific goal of the TECHDOSE project was to give a comprehensive assessment of the cosmic radiation field at high altitude, and the main technical goal was to develop a balloon technology platform for advanced cosmic radiation and dosimetry measurements. To fulfil the objectives of this experiment, several different dosimeter REMRED Ltd. systems were utilised, including TRITEL 3D detector telescope, Geiger-Müller (GM) counters, PILLE and other contributing technologies. The insights collected and the system developed can easily become the foundation of future projects of relevant experiments.


  • Operation on the BEXUS-12 stratospheric balloon without GM counters in 2011 (CoCoRAD experiment, 26 km maximum altitude, N68°)
  • Operation on the BEXUS-14 stratospheric balloon with 2 GM counters in 2012 (TECHDOSE experiment, 28 km maximum altitude, N68°)


  • Proven cosmic ray and space weather research equipment for stratospheric missions (aeroplanes, ballons)

  • Measurement of cosmic ray flux profiles
  • Studying shielding effects of the surrounding environment
  • Cosmic ray event alerts
  • Possible use on the ground (fixed or mobile) / UAVs for environmental monitoring
  • Mapping of contaminated areas localizing radiation sources

Special Features

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Configurable system
  • Different type of GM-counters
  • Up to a maximum number of 6 GM-counters

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