Over the past few decades, REMRED Ltd. has been on the frontlines of space technology development by creating services that support the expansion of mankind into space. We focus on providing cutting-edge solutions for international space efforts that support human exploration, better and more cost-efficient space travel, and safer out-of-Earth operations.
Remred space engineering


REMRED Ltd. offers space engineering services covering the full lifecycle of a space product, under ECSS standards. Our services range from mechanical, electrical and software design solutions. Additionally ECSS-conform project and PA management services can also be provided.
Space station


REMRED Ltd. production portfolio contains a series of space equipment. Planning, modelling, prototyping, ECSS standard-based manufacturing and assurance activities are all part of the production cycle. To ensure maximised outcome all soldering and assembly activities of the equipment and flight hardware is done in an ISO7 cleanroom.
equipment testing remred


REMRED Ltd. provides ECSS-conform space testing services, including thermal-vaccuum and vibration testing, for small space products. Special attention is also dedicated to performing design supporting tests such as mass spectrometry and contamination monitoring in T-VAC conditions or contactless vibration structural analysis.
radiation analysis
radiation analysis


REMRED Ltd. offers radiation analysis services including radiation environment description for different missions/orbits using SPENVIS, OLTARIS and CREME96 tools, radiation transport calculations and TID test. Radiation analysis can be applied to any industry where measurement is a key safety necessity during operations.

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