In partnership with EK Space Research Department, REMRED Ltd. offers radiation analysis services including radiation environment description for different missions/orbits using SPENVIS, OLTARIS and CREME96 tools. Further radiation transport calculations are made with the GRAS Monte Carlo tool using Geant4 to provide an estimation of TID and LET spectra. Technical support for TID tests is provided using Co-60 at the KFKI Campus.

Radiation analysis can be applied to any industry where measurement is a key safety indicator during operations.

radiation analysis
radiation analysis

Defence Sector

Measurement and testing capacity are the cornerstones of all nations’ defence systems, as reflected in today’s nuclear military vehicles and potentially sensitive strategic sites.

Defence Departments and countries need dedicated systems to secure human life and equipment and to support emergency services in case of a malicious or accidental nuclear threat. All military units are required to be equipped with detection and decontamination devices, and to provide the special expertise needed to manage exceptional events. Nuclear military sites must also be equipped with active radiation monitoring devices.

Dosimetry equipment and operational know-how are valuable decision-aid tools, providing fast and accurate information, enabling situation-based assessment. REMRED Ltd. offers various solutions to monitor radiation levels, assess threats and aid decision-making.

Energy Sector

The use of atomic energy has played a large role in global energy production. While it is currently considered one of the most efficient energy sources, the technology poses constant challenges to key decision-makers, professionals, and leaders across the globe. Mitigating the risks connected to atomic energy is a key concern and necessity for all. REMRED Ltd. offers multiple solutions, designed for space technology use, to increase performance in measuring radiation levels on and off-sites and to provide cost-efficient assessment tools.

Our equipment solutions and services are highly adaptable for various, non-atomic energy sector projects too, where measuring radiation outputs are crucial in maintaining energy production.

radiation analysis
radiation analysis

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