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22 Million Minutes in Action

REMRED Ltd. is a spin-off company founded by one of the pioneer Hungarian space research groups that has over 50 years of space research and related engineering experience. With 150+ space missions and 15,000+ days in space, we have gained TRL9 space flight heritage.


Expanding Horizons

REMRED Ltd. portfolio is covering high-tech and leading technology innovation domains, including space, military and nuclear technologies and research activities. The company is providing related engineering and operational services, including equipment production and verification according to space and military standards. The company is active in the domains of education and outreach as well.


Forming the Future of Humanity

At REMRED Ltd., we are both scientists and space engineers but most importantly we are dreamers. We work hard to form the foundations of the coming Space Age and contribute to the conquest of the Moon, Mars, the Solar System and eventually the galaxy far, far away…


The Human Adventure is just Beginning

Space technology and the idea of space travel used to be the dream of visionaries but in a few decades, it will become part of everyday life. Today we are witnessing a rapid growth of knowledge and technology that is about to impact the lives of average working professionals as much as scientists in this particular field.

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