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Environmental testing for various industries


Products, manufactured systems, or various types of machinery that are being used in harsh or unstable environments must withstand challenging and damaging external effects. To avoid future damages and prevent product malfunction, reliable environmental testing procedures must be followed, and regulatory specifications must be adhered to. REMRED Space Technologies offers multiple certified environmental testing services for companies of various industries, that are initially designed for the needs of the high-precision-based space technology industry. 

In manufacturing and product development, quality, and product endurability are of top importance. The consequences of a defect or malfunction can be wide-ranging, from deteriorating sales volume to product recalls and loss in customer or partner relations. Not to mention the preservation of human lives, such as during human-led space missions. Integrating environmental testing procedures into the product development processes can save time and money, can maintain brand reputation and ensure future partnerships. Not to mention that in most cases proper testing is obligatory. 
Outsourcing environmental testing services to third parties provide a competitive advantage to companies by both ensuring product quality and minimalizing the internal financial need to maintain testing capabilities. REMRED’s specialised environmental testing laboratory offers solutions to various industry needs that save them time and cost.  

Environmental testing systems

Special pieces of testing equipment, the so-called environmental test chambers are managed during the testing processes to simulate the diverse and extreme temperature, climatic conditions and  pressures that various products may be exposed to during their functioning period. REMRED carries out environmental testing using a TVAC test, Climate test and Bakeout chambers. 

During the environmental test, products are tested in the set environment to determine durability or limiting conditions. Almost anything can be environmentally tested as the common denominator is that the sample experiences external effects at some point in its lifetime. Expected durability defines the performance expectations of the product which is being exposed to environmental effects, such as negative or positive heat peaks. Environmental testing requires controlled testing environments and skilled labour; therefore, it should be carried out in a certified environmental testing laboratory. There are specially designed machines, such as test chambers, in these labs that perform the needed tests. These are called environmental testing systems. The chambers can set temperature, humidity, and pressure to challenge product design. During testing the sample is evaluated for functionality and damage. Finally, the testing laboratory will prepare a report which describes the performed test and the result of the evaluation.
The outcome of the environmental test will determine the steps needed for further product design or manufacturing method updates. Proper testing in a certified environmental testing lab may reveal hidden errors or product design flaws that would eventually cause major problems, should they be left unnoticed. 

Environmental testing at REMRED

Remred Ltd. offers environmental testing services in accordance with ECSS space industrial standards in the following cases: 

We aim to provide space environmental testing solutions to our clients in various industries, such as:

  • Defence and Space manufacturing
  • Aviation and Aerospace component manufacturing 
  • Space research and technology 
  • Packaging and container manufacturing 
  • Machinery manufacturing 
  • Electronics manufacturing industry 
  • Automotive & Transportation equipment manufacturing 

Choose the certified REMRED environmental testing lab!

REMRED Ltd.'s portfolio is covering high-tech and leading technology innovation domains, including space, military and nuclear technologies and research activities. The company is providing related engineering and operational services, including equipment production and verification according to space and military standards.

Key features of the environmental testing laboratory:

Test chambers: 

  • TVAC test chamber (deep vacuum)
  • Climate test chamber (non-vacuum)
  • Bakeout chamber (vacuum)

Contamination control and spectroscopy:

  • TQCM contamination monitoring  system
  • Mass spectrometry up to 200 amu

Deep space vacuum test systems:

  • Deep vacuum conditions down to 10-5 Pa in the temperature range of [-70;+170]°C
  • Depressurisation with air or purified N2

Configurable test systems according to the user’s need:

  • Controlled via a graphical user interface
  • Fully autonomous test operation and remote access
  • Data collection via dedicated software (SpaceSim)

High level of safety assurance:

  • The Facility is located at a closed, guarded site with a limited number of access
  • Every area is video controlled
  • Any access to the Facility area is logged
  • ESD-safe working environment with ESD-tester stations
  • Facility environmental parameters are logged (temperature, humidity)
  • ECSS-conform space testing engineering support is available upon request

The REMRED environmental testing laboratory and test environment have the following accreditations currently: 

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management system

ECSS-Q-ST-20-07C [AD 2] - Quality and safety assurance for space test centres

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