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Vibration testing for various industry uses


For reliable product development and design processes, vibration measurements should be carried out during trial or finished product testing. Why is it a cornerstone of modern industrial development projects in various industries? Let’s find out!

Vibrations affect the durability and reliability of machinery and products regardless of their country of origin, purpose or design. Engineers must take potential vibration into account when designing a product to avoid damages, accidents, or unwanted shutdowns. Vibration testing is an important countermeasure to prevent the problems mentioned and must be carried out comprehensively at the end of all development cycles.

Vibration can occur in almost any engineering-based industry. Let’s think about personal electronics vibrating during a car ride, luggage storage shaking during a flight, or operating panels pulsing on an armoured vehicle in motion! These pieces of equipment must endure various types and volumes of vibration force therefore must be tested before the end of the development process. 

How does vibration testing help product developers? 

A vibration test simulates the vibration environment to which the product will be exposed in actual use. Products are tested in this environment to determine durability or to verify improvements. Almost anything can be vibration tested as the common denominator is that the sample experiences vibration at some point in its lifetime. Expected durability defines the performance expectations of the product which is being exposed to vibration, like what it's supposed to do and what type of environment it's supposed to withstand. Vibration testing requires controlled testing environments and skilled labour; therefore, it should be carried out in a certified vibration lab. There are specially designed machines in these labs that perform the needed vibration tests. These are called vibration test systems which usually mean a shaker to which the product-to-be-tested is attached. The shaker provides the control force required to move the sample as specified in the test method. For the sample to experience the control vibration it must be connected to the shaker. This connection can be clamped or attached to a vibration fixture. Most vibration tests expose the sample to vibration in three different directions x, y, and z, to various frequencies, changing acceleration or to random displacement. Once the specified test duration has been achieved the sample is evaluated for functionality and damage. Finally, the vibration lab will prepare a report which describes the performed test and the result of the evaluation.

The outcome of the vibration test will determine the steps needed for further product design or production finetuning. Proper testing in a certified vibration lab may reveal hidden errors or product design flaws that would eventually cost millions of Euros, should they be left unnoticed. 

Vibration testing at REMRED

Remred Ltd. offers vibration testing services in accordance with ECSS space industrial standards in the following cases: 

  • Resonance Search test
  • Sine Vibration test
  • Random Vibration test
  • Shock /SRS Shock test
  • Contactless Vibration Testing using Stroboscope System
  • Vibration Analysis using Stroboscope System

The tests are performed with an IMV i250/SA5M 40 kN vibration shaker and K2 Controller with a peak load of 600 kg. 3-axial testing is also possible with dedicated adapters.

For more information download our vibration facility datasheet from our website: 

Vibration Testing

We aim to provide space environmental testing solutions to our clients in various industries, such as:

  • Defence and Space manufacturing 
  • Aviation and Aerospace component manufacturing 
  • Space research and technology 
  • Packaging and container manufacturing 
  • Machinery manufacturing 
  • Electronics manufacturing industry 
  • Automotive & Transportation equipment manufacturing 

Choose the certified REMRED vibration testing lab!

Remred Ltd. has 50 years of accumulated knowledge in the space industry and testing services. As our developments and products serve duties in space and are planned to participate in the coming Moon and Mars missions, certification control and regular auditing is a must. 

The REMRED vibration testing laboratory and test environment have the following accreditations currently: 

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management system

ECSS-Q-ST-20-07C [AD 2] - Quality and safety assurance for space test centres

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