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REMRED is preparing for the largest space industry development in Hungary's history.


As one of Hungary's leading private space companies, REMRED Ltd., has started the development of a space technology centre for the manufacturing, assembly, integration, and testing of complete small satellites and subsystems. The REMTECH centre, a 25 million EUR investment, will create around 70 new high-added value jobs and will provide facilities that meet the most stringent space standards. With this investment, REMRED aims to fill a gap in the domestic space sector, and also in the CEE region, and to gain the necessary capabilities to become a prominent player in the European market for small satellite and system integration.

The technology centre, which will be located in Martonvásár Hungary, is planned to begin operation in the first quarter of 2026. It will have a working area of around 4 000 m2, of which 1,500 m2 will be a special clean room area. This will include ISO 8 and ISO 5 clean room facilities, as well as equipment for vibration, shock, thermo-vacuum, material, EMC and acoustic tests in accordance with European Space Standards (ECSS). The new capabilities provided by the unique space technology centre will also enable the integration of complete small satellites (up to 400 kg) and systems, including manufacturing, assembly, integration, and testing.

"It is essential for the development of Hungary’s space industry to create a Hungarian space system integrator company that can bring together the national space sector and compete in the rather closed market of the European Space Agency. REMRED has all the necessary knowledge to realise such an ambitious plan thanks to our almost 50-year history in space research." - said Balázs Zábori, REMRED CTO.

"It is important to emphasise that in today's crisis-ridden world, innovation, high added value and active participation in resilient sectors can be the solution. This investment in the space industry offers this opportunity. REMTECH will significantly expand our capabilities, strengthening the position of the Hungarian space industry and contributing to the stability of the whole economy through its supply value chain. It will also open up even more opportunities for cooperation in the development and testing of civil and/or defence equipment." - Dr István Sárhegyi, REMRED Chairman of the Board.

About REMRED Ltd.

REMRED Ltd. is a spin-off company founded by a pioneering Hungarian space research group, the Centre for Energy Research, with 50 years of relevant experience in space science activities and the development, testing and manufacturing of space instruments. The company's solutions and developments have been proven in more than 150 space missions over the past decades and will be an integral part of many future international missions as well.

The company currently provides instrumentation for space weather and space dosimetry and is integrated into international innovation processes and supplier value chains by developing, manufacturing, integrating and pre-flight testing specific subsystems and space equipment according to the European Space Standards (ECSS). It delivers several solutions for various international collaborative space projects around the world, such as PILLE or TRITEL, and works daily with multiple leading space agencies and integrators, such as the US (NASA), European (ESA), Japanese (JAXA), German (DLR) space agencies and Airbus among others. The company is involved in projects such as the Comet Interceptor interplanetary mission, the Lunar Gateway space station under the Artemis Moon programme, the European Space Agency's robotic Mars mission (ERO mission), and custom developments for human spaceflight used on the International Space Station and in the Hungarian HUNOR astronaut programme.